27 April 2012

{week 2} "companions"

Fam fam,

This week I have really gotten into a routine here at the CTM. The only difference is that a missionary in my district decided to go home, so I am now "companions" with a different set of Elders in my district. These new Elders are awesome. They make me laugh so hard! I have almost peed my skirt so many times from laughing so much! The three of us are really social with the Brazilian and Americans, so one could easily say we've got this place on lock down.

With these two missionaries I've learned that we can still have our fun personalities and teach an amazing lesson with the Spirit.

We have been teaching a lot, and I can definitely tell my portuguese is improving. It is pretty easy to feel the Spirit because of how much work goes into each lesson for studying the topic, writing down phrases/sentences in portuguese, and learning how to teach with others. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be speaking a foreign language. My teacher Irma Jardim said it best: you missionaries are essentially an investigator in Portuguese. You learn the simple words and rely on other's to help you learn. Speaking of which, Jardim won't be my teacher anymore because of schedule changes. So I'll be getting a new one tomorrow hopefully. It makes me so sad because Irma Jardim and I would talk all the time about what its like to be a sister missionary and all her experiences, she was essentially my Macarena. My whole district got so annoyed with us cause we would talk though out class just to each other. Oops, I guess in a district of all teenage Elders I need a feminine influence!

Elder Cook came to the CTM on Monday. He spoke with his wife, and 4 other people. Elder Cook's talked about how missionaries are not marketing the church, we are establishing it. We are the builders of His kingdom. His testimony was so strong and just what I needed. Sister Lysenko gave the closing prayer after the devotional and she did an amazing job (we say every prayer/song in portuguese)

Before every devotional on sundays we sing the brazil national anthem, our ctm presidente plays the piano and is so animated. I can't stop laughing when singing it! It is just so upbeat and fun!

Every devotional we all sing in the CTM Tabernacle Choir, all the songs we sing are: 1st verse portuguese, 2nd spanish and 3rd english. kind of cool to do that for hymns that I know.

My room is now me and 2 brazilians. I think that is why I'm picking up portuguese so fast!

Love you,
Sister Clark

{in true kenz fashion}
below is the picture she's referring to - I guess we just have a thing for grafitti

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