06 December 2013


Dear Family,

This was a very different week! Started off with doing a division with the Sisters in Ilhéus. As you may recall, I served there for 5 months. It was very difficult, but my testimony is ROCK solid and I tried something new everyday because  of that little Branch that I served in. It was interesting to see how other Sisters are doing there and what things they are trying in an extremely difficult area of the mission. Found out a lot of things had changed for the better and sadly for the worse. But it was none the less a great day working with these Sisters. We went to a Recent Convert´s house who is a belly dance instructor. We arrived, after 10 minutes of her screaming that she thought she´d never see me again, she demanded that we put on coin skirts and she does a dance for us. Who am I to refuse that?? 

I called the Sisters yesterday and asked if she was at church (because she´s super flakey), turns out she was. So I´m counting our little belly dancing sesh as a positive, teach people not lessons.
Then the next day arrived in my area. Let me tell you about a little girl named Lucineide. Love this girl to death, and beyond. A member told us on sunday after church that there was a little girl who is 9 years old who´s been to church a lot, isn´t baptized, and loves the church. She wasn´t at church fo the past two weeks because he mom is 9 months pregnant and needs help with her little brother. So we met Lucineide. She said other missionaries had taught her and they told her she couldn´t be baptized because she was only 7 at the time. We told her that we had some great news and that she can now be baptized! Her parents didn´t immediately authorize her baptism, but with FERVENT prayers like none other and with the help of the Lord, they let her and were even excited for her baptism! We have a new rule on the mission, any person who is 8-14 years old we need the authorization of the Bishop as well. Turns out the Bishop made a new rule last week in an executive committe he forgot to tell us about, that we are no longer allowed to baptize any child without their parents being baptized. If you baptize a child without other family members you need to have someone responsible to bring them to church. This girl, Lucineide has 3 members who all were more than willing and able to commit to be responsible. So what happened? She got caught up in politics. I don´t know if she will be baptized soon because her parents don´t like going to church on sundays (theyve already been). So because she was born into this famiy, she probably has to wait until she´s 12 to be able to receive more blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Oh man, never fought for a baptism as hard as I fought for her´s. I cried in a member´s house, at my house, made the Bishop hate me. It was just a GREAT week. But that is me complaining. My Bishop here is amazing, he really makes sure everyone is taken care of and has created so many plans to help the less actives. 

The primary program was also this week, and 1/2 of the kids there were kids that just showed up to church for the first time because we invite anyone and everyone on the streets. I do not know if they will be allowed to be baptized with this new rule, but we´ll see! I´m in favor of preaching the gospel to anyone, no matter the age, color, or status. Everyone is entitled!

So what did I learn this week? Be on the good side of the Bishop and he will help you accomplish more things than you thought previously possible. Pray to know the will of the Lord and then Do IT!!
I love this church, we are all learning and growing and just trying to do good.
Thank you for your prayers and support!
-Sister Clark

1. Lucineide. Absolutely love this girl. Can I bring her home with me?
2. Division in Ilhéus. Went to visit one of my FAVORITE recent converts who is a belly dance teacher. This girl in the picture is Laís who went out with us almost every day!
3. These 2 couples ALL served in the same misison at the same time, and they live really close to eachother. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the missionaries! 

18 November 2013


Dear Family,

I think my entire life I have always criticized people who didn´t want to accept callings in the church because they felt unqualified. I always thought God is the one who has called you, so obviously He will qualify, and help you every step of the way! I have always known that anything is possible with the Lord! Just put your trust in Him! This week I had to keep telling myself that! Every second of the day I had to recite 1 Nephi 3:7. My companion and I did 2 divisions with other Sisters. One set of Sisters are 3 hours away and the others live with us. We also had 3 brothers who were preparing to be baptized. We also are moving to an apartment that is actually near our ward boundries (right now we live in another ward´s boundries!). 

This week was one of the best, hardest weeks I have had on the mission. 
The three brothers were not baptized, I slept on a cold floor for 2 nights, getting no sleep, I fell on the sidewalk and skinned my knee at 5:30 am before catching the bus back to my area, I peed my pants (skirt) because I was so exhaused- yes Im a Clark girl!!!!
It was all worth it! 

I learned a ton doing a division with the 2 sets of Sisters. I learned a lot about keeping our investigators animated, motivated, and really working to know their needs. I learned that a lot of missionaries just don´t know how to organize things, they know how to teach, and always have the presence of the Holy Ghost, but the organization part is what really is lacking in a ton of missionaries! 

Working with these three brothers y companion gave it our all. Their neighbor was definitely the enemy- being the negative influence saying they don´t need to be baptized this week, but when they grow up they can be baptized. I literally felt like we were working against the devil, who lived right next door to our baptismal candidates. 

We bought all of our furniture and waited fo rthe moving truck to come.
All of this in one week! I told my companion that I am scared that I will never reach my limites and I will just go-go-go, and never stop because I know the Lord is on my side and I am not on this mission to help myself, I am here to help others 100%.

This church is true. I love it! What a blessing it is to be diligently working to proclaim peace everyday through this work and by example.
Thank you for your prayers, support, and love!
-Sister Clark

1. eating a cheese popsicle- surprisingly it want too bad!
2. blessings of the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know all of you want to see this!
3. my first division! it was hilarious to see how scared the other sisters are of me..... yikes!!!! little do they know i just here to motivate and go crazy with this wonderful work!!


Dear Family,

This week was amazing! Working with another Sister who is 100% determined is such a blessing. The things we are capable of doing seem limitless to me with the help of the Lord. We are living in the same apartment that i lived in when I started part 2 of my mission (in December), we´re working in a different area but we are livng in an apartment that is about 45 minutes from our ward boundries. Pretty strange, but we keep running into members in São Caetano (where we live) so I get the best of both worlds! We are also living with another dupla of Sisteres! One of the Sisters found out the 2nd day after we arrived that I had already worked in this Zone and lived in this apartment. She, beforehand had just thought I was really confident! Hah! 

We started on wednesday without anyone to baptize. But after dilligent work, we found 2 people who had already gone to church, been taught by other missionaries, and committed to be baptized on saturday. They both passed the baptismal interview easily. We were working so hard and could not believe how much the Lord was blessing us with 2 baptisms! We had the first baptism on saturday morning, everything went wonderfully, the members helped out a ton and it was a beautiful baptismal service. Then when we went to get our other baptismal candidate, we could not find him. We made the whole neighborhood look for him. Asked everyone, but no one knew were he was. We were fervently praying, running the streets, and calling out his name. We finally gave up. Went to the church where there was a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader. And afterwards we went back to his house. He was HOME!!! But it turns out he did not want to get baptized. We tried everything, but even people who have a strong testimony of this true and living church have agency, and can choose whether of not to act on their testimonies or not. It was such a roller coaster of a day, but a day that I know that we had absolutely no regrets. 
Tomorrow I will be doing my first division with other Sisters and I am super excited. 

And on wednesday i will be doing a division as well. So who gets to work in her area STARTING thursday to get our baptismal candidates ready for their baptism on satuday! This Sister! Makes us plan our weeks such more humility, knowing that miracles NEED to happen in order for us to baptize! 

This last week I heard a quote that has helped me in this wonderful work, 'Pray as if everything depends on the Lord. Work as if everything depends on you.' Done and done. 

This church is true, the Lord is preparing so many people, all we need to do is open our mouth and share the peace and light of this gospel!
I know that Christ lives and He died for all of us, anyone who comes unto Him he will cure, help, and strengthen.
Thank you for your prayers and support! 

Love you all!
Peace and Blessings,
Sister Clark

1. Jessica´s baptism! This girl knew everything and anything about the church before she was baptized. Best preparation I have ever seen!


Dear Family, 

This week was definitely interesting. Spiritual because we had Zone Conference. It was just perject. We all met at a church building right by the beach in Salvador. I learned a lot about using all of the helps that we have so we may be able to give 100% of ourselves and do more than we even thought possible. We talked a lot about families and men, and how to find, teach, and baptize them so we, as missionaries, are strengthening the ward, not just giving them more responsibilies. What kind of mark do we want to leave on individuals and on an area? 

This week was interesting because I told my companion that everytime she didn´t have a smile on her face she had to pay me 5 cents. I am now RICH! I do little things like this everyday to help motivate my super shy, scared companion. Its gotten really interesting, and given me a testimony that we can only share the gospel if we LOVE it and show how much we love it with our sincere testimony and smiles! Only then will people want to be part of it!

This gospel is perfect and makes me so happy! Finding joy in keeping all of the commandments is a sign of true conversion, and every day I look to find more joy in the little things of this amazing gospel. 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! This work is accelerating so fast thanks to the members!

Sister Clark

1. Best thing ever eating açaí with Elisabete Mitchel. Love New Jersians. Make sure to ask here how much she LOVED bahia! Bahaha. 
2. One of my besties on the mission- Sister Whitaker. We have the same time on the mission!


Dear Family! 

I love love love you lots!
This week was filled with surprises and the Spirt. That has to be the best adjetives of the mission, because everyday is an adventure! My companion and I decided to continue working with the men we found last week. We taught them more, especailly the 10 Commandments. They were are progressing a ton. Melted my heart when one investigator didn´t know how to explain what he was feeling when he almost started to cry and said, `I don´t know what I´m feeling, but I know you will teach me more and I will feel this same feeling more in my life.` The Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost! That´s him! The Holy Ghost was present in all of our lessons this week which makes us work even harder to help these people! 

Then a few surprises pop up, turns out one investigator is a tattoo artist and we walked in on him doing a HUGE tattoo on another investigator. We saw another investigator dealing drugs. Saw another throwing up after drinking too much the night before but pleading with us to bring him to church. And here´s the icing on the cake- during the interview questions that all the candidates for baptism need to pass, which we do before another Elder does the formal interview, we found out our investigator had already murdered someone. He said it so calmly I didnt believe him! I must have asked ´seriouisly?´a billion times! Well, not going to lie, we really wanted to help these people. How many times in my mind did I ask, ´What would Jesus do in this situation?´But, unfortinuately, not many of them went to chrurch. 

So my companion and I have decided its safer and we´ll find more success in a different neighborhood this next week! So no worries about our safety this next week! The mission is just way too full of experiences that make Cynthia Jane Clark pray even more!

Love this gospel! Love every chance I get to share the gospel with everyone, because we are ALL children of God! This church is true and I know it!!
Sister Clark

1. me and my companion, Síster T. Santos in Salvador last monday!
2. love our church! bahaha! there´s tons of catholic churches in salvador. just had to snap this picture!
3. making friends, obviously!


Dear Friends and Family!

This week was a great week! As are all the others on the mission! But it just keeps getting better I feel! Sister T. Santos and I started off the week by finding an elect street. We arrived on this one little alley way/street and found a ton of men sitting and talking. We talked to them and they LOVED what we had to say. They invited other friends to come hear us teach and we all committed to go to church that next sunday. Me and my companion were in heaven. We were seeing the fruits of our labors that very instant. During the week we taught all these men, they completed all the invites we gave them and tehy still wanted to hear more. 2 things that we talk about everytime we see an investigator is 1. their baptism date and how they are preparing for it and 2. their plans of going to church this next sunday. After the second day of teaching them, they would remind us and ask us how they can prepare for their baptism on the 26th of October. 

Never have I seen so many miracles happen during one week. Two weeks ago they were drinking every night and now they were talking about the gospel topics that we taught. When we wanted to have a one-on-one lesson with one of these men to help him out with a specific need, all the other men would stand in the door way to listen. Their reading comprehension is horrible, so not only did we teach them the gospel, we also helped them read out loud and evaluate what they are reading. 

Saturday arrived. Saturday was a holiday, Children´s Day here in Brasil. There´s lots of clowns, trampolines, balloons on every street to clebrate the children of Brasil. Really a fun holiday. But with holidays, comes celebrating. And what happened? They all started drinking again, Saturday night. We had talked to them saturday afternoon and they said they wouldn´t drink. But sunday morning arrived. And they were all hung over and didn´t feel worthy or didn´t want to go to church. I have never been so sad in my life! 

One investigator, Jorge (who already had one visit to the church) said he would go. So we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. He finally backed out and said he can´t go. He wouldn´t tell us why. We tried to convince him for 20 minutes, I almost ran into his house to get him a shirt so we could just bring him to church (it was the only thing that needed to be done for him to go to church). But, no. I finally said to him, ´Why don´t you realize that we are just here to help?´ He then asked if he could still be baptized on the 19th. Thats when I started to cry. He wants to be baptized so bad, and is more than ready. He just needs one more visit at church. This is the first time that I have ever cried Sunday morning when an investigator didn´t go to church. I want him to be baptized so bad and be able to receive all the blessings of the gospel as soon as possible! We left as he was yelling sorry and apologizing. We arrived at church and there were other investigators there to make us happy and occupied! Just another testimony that all we can do is our best, rely on the Lord, and remember that we all have agency to choose. 

This week was an amazing week. As Mackenzie said one time, ´the mission is where you experience the highest highs and the lowest lows.´Amen to that! My companion and I are super excited for this next week to find more, teach more, and help more come unto Christ!
I know this church is true!  TCIT!

Sister Clark  

05 November 2013



Here is an email about transfers. Every six weeks we may or may not move areas, change companions, or train. Thus far on the mission, I have had 12 companions. I´ve never been one to have many dreams or vision as revelation. But this week was full of them, and I never knew to take them seriously or not! We have an investigator who was drinking a bit and said he had a dream with me and my companion. He said that I was leaving and saying goodbye. This investigator was crying hysterically because he didn´t want me to leave (he likes blondes). When this investigator told us this dream my companion and I looked at each other and started laughing because we knew transfers were coming up (today). 

On sunday night President and Sister Andrezzo went out with us to see how we are working. We (me... because my companion doesn´t talk much) begged and pleaded to know about transfers. They wouldn´t tell us. But they called our Zone Leader saying that Sister Clark is dying to know about transfers, so make sure to call her first. Sunday night/ Monday morning I dreampt that I was talking with President Andrezzo and he was asking for my opinion on a lot of problems of the other  missionaries. Lets just say transfers stress me out especially with my track record of always moving and always changing companions. 

Today we heard about transfers and it turns out I will be Síster Lider Treinadora! In this newly created leadership position (created a few months ago) I will be doing divisions with 6 other Sister duplas. The beginning of every week me and my companion will travel to do these other areas to motivate and strenghten the work in their areas. I am super excited for this opportunity and I know that it will strengthen my testimony and help the mission grow! My companion with be Sister Santana (my 13th companion). Its her last transfer on the mission so we are going to make it count!! 

This gospel is true, it is perfect and beautiful! Thank you for all of your prayers and support!
-Sister Clark

1. Lauroween (halloween party in Lauro de Freitas) OBVIOUSLY i was Síster Barbie! All thekids always say I look like barbie, so it was an easy costume!

2. Meet Avó. The ward grandmother to the missionaries. Sweetest lady you will ever meet!

3. I need more art in my life. So i think I went overboard with my wall with pictures of the gospel!

4. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! introduced my companion to all things halloween!